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"Tawney, I congratulate you on a video well done! I love your energy and ability to talk about why the exercise is effective and how to do things properly."
Julie Twynham
WaterART Fitness
International, Inc.
Toronto, ON - Canada

"Dear Tawney, I am a big fan of Maui Aquafit! I bought the DVD and ordered the Hydrofit buoys. In just a few weeks, I was noticebly slimmer and feeling great and by the end of the summer, I was in the best shape I'd been in (according to my husband) since college. I have seen other instructors' tapes on the internet, but I like your style and the combination of aerobics with the weights. Thanks!"
Diane Robinson
Dallas, TX

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See noticeable results with the Maui Aquafit water workout including weight loss, improved muscle tone, strength, flexibility, and endurance!

rom novice through conditioned athlete, Tawney Lee's water workout offers numerous cross-training advantages by incorporating hand buoys for increased resistance. Meanwhile, the wonderful water environment greatly reduces joint stress.

Tawney Lee has taught all ages and abilities, specializing in aquatic fitness for over 16 years. (AFAA and AEA certified with a BA in physical Education) As a competitive athlete and former US National windsurfing champion, Tawney was drawn to water exercise for its forgiving, therapeutic nature and the multitude of benefits the aquatic alternative offers nearly EVERYONE!

Designed for the average healthy adult, this is an intermediate level, chest deep workout. Normally a 45-minute routine, this demonstration has been condensed into a shorter DVD format for viewer ease. Laminated exercise que card (as shown to the left) is included with each DVD.

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Filmed at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa. Produced by Media Systems Inc. C 2003. All Rights Reserved.
Running Time: 35 minutes
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